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November 2018 Cover

November 2018


9 Vegan winter coats you can buy online 2020 UPDATE

18 Vegan winter coats you can buy online

Original post written on November 13, 2018 — A vegan winter coat is a jacket that not only doesn’t contain leather and fur inserts, but has a padding that does not derive from animals too.

Down is the most common padding used to isolate winter coats, it is made of goose or duck’s plumage, picked from the softer feather layer that...


Period pain relief for busy women guide

Period pain relief for busy women guide

UPDATE 4th October 2020 — Period pains are a natural part of the menstrual cycle: 80% of women experience it during their lifetime. In the first days of the cycle the pains can be strong enough to compromise normal activities.

Although there are some natural remedies not all women can manage to take a day off from work...


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