Vegan Fashion Tartan Outfit

Vegan fashion fall tartan outfit: black blazer and tartan shorts | Hilary Victoria

I decided to wear my tartan shorts on a warm autumn day.

This vegan fashion fall tartan outfit it’s perfect both for work and your free time, in autumn or even winter, depending on the latitude you live in!
Vegan Fashion Tartan Outfit

This fall outfit is completely vegan and cruelty free: the shoes and the bag are made of faux leather.

To be as sustainable as you can try to reproduce this outfit with the clothes you already own, any colored short will be right, and I’m pretty sure you already have a black blazer in your closet! You will find my Amazon referral links for faux leather bags that I recommend to combine with this and many other looks.

Vegan fashion tartan outfit Elements

Vegan Fashion Tartan Outfit

Swaps and substitutions

  • The tartan shorts can be replaced with shorts of any color and pattern.
  • If you do not like to keep your legs bare when the temperatures are cool you can wear black tights.
  • The ankle boots can be replaced by black décolleté shoes.

If you miss some elements of the outfit do not look for them in in the big fast fashion chains: try to look for them in a thrift shop, borrow them from your mother, sister or girlfriend.

If everything fails, buy a garment that will last for a long time in your closet! A high quality black blazer or a black faux leather handbag will be very useful and you will use it in many outfits.

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